Great news! A chance to see Phoebe and Donna demonstrate their skills and to meet the Caldwell Foundation team in Bristol! See the event page for more information.


Check out the Events page for details on our charity dinner in Brechfa

Foundation Update

Life is busy, and so are we.  The Foundation is getting established, we are a registered charity and the word is getting around.

The referrals for help and support are steady and there have been some lovely things said about us.

Starting a venture like this takes many skills and we are moving forward; but patience is needed to build up the correct way to give what we want to be available to all.

Thank you for assisting us.


Thank you for your support

Thank your for your support, we have managed to get this web site up, buy the domain name and get business cards and some Christmas cards to sell.

All this was from Kate’s sponsored silence, a quiet day with ┬ámassive results.

Thank you all